Why choose
East Petaluma Animal Hospital?

verticalaahaWe are proud to say that East Petaluma Animal Hospital (EPAH) is an American Animal Hospital Association certified hospital (AAHA). East Petaluma Animal Hospital, EPAH, was started in 1992 in the Arroyo Shopping Center in southeast Petaluma. From its inception, dogs, cats, and exotic pets have had a place to go for excellent medical care. Purchased by Dr. Rupiper in March, 2000, EPAH has added many new services. Hours have been extended to all weekdays and also extended hours on Saturdays.

We’ve added additional laboratory services such as in-house blood panels, electrolytes, chemistry analysis, urine testing (no need to wait ’til tomorrow!), special avian diagnostics (in-house CBC’s, chemistries, cytology, laparoscopy and biopsy), digital radiology, avian endoscopy (including surgical sexing) in-house FeLV and FIV testing, in-house heartworm, Lyme’s, and tick-borne disease testing, and more. Going digital with x-rays allows us to communicate with radiologists, other referral veterinarians as well as sending a CD or email to you with your pet’s radiographs. Faster computers and enhanced software allow us to search our database more quickly to avoid long on-hold times and to serve clients more quickly at the office. We’ve also added technicians to provide more personal attention to our patients. Additional anesthetic machines and monitoring equipment provides a greater margin of safety for surgical and dental procedures.

We offer ultrasonic dental cleaning as well as referral services for advanced canine and feline dental care such as endodontics, orthodontics, restorative procedures, and oral-facial-maxillary surgical procedures. Our dog and cat patients also benefit from advanced endoscopic procedures such as otovideoendoscopy (examining the ears) and surgery. For our avian clients, we have state of the art incubators, on-site necropsies, cage bird medicine, avicultural management, pigeon race performance management, avian surgery (including beak repair and prosthetics), diagnostic and surgical endoscopy, surgical sexing, behavioral management, etc.

Most recently, we’ve added Laser Therapy to speed healing of open wounds, provide muscle and arthritic pain relief as well as assist in healing infected tissues. Watch this laser therapy video to learn more how this new technology alleviates discomfort in our pets:

Our laser can also be used for surgical procedures as well. Along with our radiocautery unit, we can provide unique surgical services for gingival, avian, and other delicate operations.