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Worth the trip.
Brought my little love (my pet rat Simon) here today to see Dr. Rupiper. I have had a regular vet for a few years now and as of recently I have began to question whether they have money or my pets best interest in mind.

Poor Simon got an injury on his belly about a month and a half ago. After four visits to my regular vet they wound up telling me that he had a tumor, possibly cancerous, and it would need to be removed. Of course I want to do what’s best for my beloved pet, but unfortunately they quoted me $700 dollars!!!

One of My clients referred me to East Petaluma Animal Hospital (specifically Dr. Rupiper).
I can not tell you how happy I am that I have found him. He’s knowledgeable, honest and caring. He quoted me $175 to remove Simon’s tumor/mass. He explained to me that Simon’s life expectancy is probably only 6 more months. Also his lungs are scarred so putting him under to do the surgery is a risk. These are very important factors that my prior vet failed to even mention.

Even thought I’m not a long standing client I have to say that these guys have your pets well-being in mind vs money.

I highly recommend bringing your pet here (especially if you have exotics). My original vet is only a two minute drive for me but I am willing to make the extra 1/2 hour drive to assure my pets get the best care possible.

Thank you Dr. Rupiper!!!!!

– Heather B.